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As the Euro 2024 knockout stage begins, keep an eye out for exciting matchups like Mbappe vs. Ronaldo and Rangnick’s revenge.

Aston Villa has signed Chelsea left-back Maatsen for £35 million in the Premier League.

England’s Gordon plans to celebrate a cycling goal after a bike crash.

Chris Sutton predicts Spain as the team to beat in the last-16 matches.

Europe weighs in on England’s Kane and the pressure they face.


Other Football News:

Panenka penalties, England fan banning orders, and transfer gossip are making headlines.

Ipswich is set to sign Chelsea winger Hutchinson for £20 million.

Skriniar believes teamwork can overcome England’s individual quality.

Weah faced racist abuse after a red card in a US match.

Clubs have an unofficial transfer deadline to comply with player safety regulations.

Euro 2024 Fixtures:

Switzerland vs. Italy (Sat, June 29, 17:00 GMT)

Germany vs. Denmark (Sat, June 29, 20:00 GMT)

England vs. Slovakia (Sun, June 30, 17:00 GMT)

Spain vs. Georgia (Sun, June 30, 20:00 GMT)

France vs. Belgium (Mon, July 1, 17:00 GMT)

Portugal vs. Slovenia (Mon, July 1, 20:00 GMT)

Romania vs. Netherlands (Tue, July 2, 17:00 GMT)

Austria vs. Turkey (Tue, July 2, 20:00 GMT)

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